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Personalized, One-On-One Brand Planning & Strategizing


With Karen Buscemi of Detroit Sewn


- Have you always wanted your own apparel brand but don’t know how to start?


- Do you have an apparel brand and are ready to take it to the next level?


- Are you worried that your idea won’t sell?


- Do you have a fixed budget and aren’t sure how far that will take you?


- Do you feel intimidated about or are unsure of how to communicate with a manufacturer?


- Are you questioning how or where to sell your products?


- Do you need help with creating your brand’s look and feel?


- Do you know your point of differentiation compared to other brands in your product category?


- Are you wondering how to set pricing for your products?


- Do you know how to best present your brand on social media?


If you need help on any of the above, or really anything else regarding building and launching an apparel or accessory brand, this package of three one-hour coaching sessions is right for you!


Karen will work exclusively with you to get to the bottom of issues blocking your progress or success, share her extensive knowledge of apparel and accessory manufacturing, branding and selling, answer your questions, and give you homework to create the foundation or elevate your brand.


Each one-hour video call is all about you and what you want to create. Flexibility in scheduling means you get your time with Karen when it’s convenient for your life.


Are you ready to start 2023 by building your dream?  Click the Enroll Now button to get started today!

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Karen Buscemi is the President and CEO of Detroit Sewn, a full-service contract cut and sew manufacturer founded in 2015. She created the nonprofit Detroit Garment Group in 2012 to retain fashion talent in Michigan by teaching them the business of fashion. She served as the Editor of Styleline, a Michigan fashion magazine with a circulation of 60,000. And she has an extensive background in copywriting, editing, graphic design, photography, and website building.


Brian F.
Vancouver, WA

As someone who is new to managing my own brand, I knew I needed expert guidance. That said, I also brought a lot of my own skills to the table. Working directly with Karen allowed me to communicate what I needed and what I didn't, and she flawlessly adjusted her approach to meet my needs. She gave me multiple pieces of practical advice that I could act on immediately and helped me map out a plan for the future. As we met I didn't feel like I hired a consultant, I felt like I had temporarily added an expert to my team. Her impact on my project grew with each session we had, and I expect to be buying more consulting time in the future - for the time being I have too many things to work on from our initial sessions!

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