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Detroit Sewn Apparel

The pandemic pointed out the blatant need for a stronger U.S. supply chain, and after a year and a half of producing sustainable PPE for hospitals around the country, we are taking on the blanks industry (clothing and accessories that are purchased “blank” and then decorated with logos or art).


“When I opened the factory six years ago, my original goal was to manufacture t-shirts for local brands that are decorating and selling them,” says Karen Buscemi, President & CEO of Detroit Sewn. “Now it’s finally the right time to go down this road, thanks to the name and reputation we’ve built over the years paired with the container ship issues causing huge inventory issues for U.S. companies large and small.”


Our first product is the Cozy Unisex Hoodie, made from a substantial 14 oz. sweatshirt fleece, in sizes XS-4XL, that offers all the high-quality features consumers want in their hoodies, including a lined hood, grommets, and double-needle stitching. They are currently available in three colors, and customers get to customize their hoodies with one of 14 different drawstring colors.


Retail, corporate and wholesale pricing is available, along with a wide variety of fabric color choices for wholesale buyers.


In addition to manufacturing the hoodie, we decorate them, too, utilizing screen printing, embroidery, and a wide variety of heat transfer options.


We plan to launch our first t-shirt before the end of this year, along with two variations on their current hoodie.


A socially responsible manufacturer, our retail sales are made to order in an attempt to combat the wastefulness found globally in apparel manufacturing. Orders are cut, sewn and shipped within two weeks.

Fabric cutting in process at Detroit Sewn
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