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Detroit Sewn: Your Full-Service, Made-In-The-USA Factory

Our mission at Detroit Sewn is simple: provide high-quality services for our valued clients. Our team goes above and beyond to cater to each project’s specific needs. Through open communication and exceptional service, we hope you’ll find what you’re looking for with Detroit Sewn. Let's make something, and let's do it in the USA!



Education: Digital courses and one-on-one personalized coaching for apparel brands, home goods brands, accessories brands and pet products brands with sewn-goods products.


Pre-Production: Product development, pattern making, sample making, size grading, materials sourcing, tech packs


Production: Fabric cutting, contract sewing, label/patch sewing, dye sublimation, heat transfers, oops manufacturing, pre-made custom printed apparel


Detroit Sewn Apparel

The pandemic pointed out the blatant need for a stronger U.S. supply chain, and after a year and a half of producing sustainable PPE for hospitals around the country, Detroit Sewn is taking on the blanks industry (clothing and accessories that are purchased “blank” and then decorated with logos or art) to be a go-to U.S.-manufactured option.


“When I opened the factory six years ago, my original goal was to manufacture t-shirts for beloved local brands that were decorating and selling them,” says Karen Buscemi, President & CEO of Detroit Sewn. “Now it’s finally the right time to go down this road, thanks to the name and reputation we’ve built over the years paired with the container ship issues causing huge inventory issues for U.S. companies large and small.”


With multiple high-quality basics currently available, ranging from t-shirts to hoodies, we will continuously be adding to our product list.


In addition to manufacturing the apparel and accessories, we decorate them, too, utilizing a wide variety of high-end heat transfer options.


A socially responsible manufacturer, our retail sales are made to order to combat the wastefulness found globally in apparel manufacturing. Orders are cut, sewn and shipped within two weeks.


Notable Facts

-Detroit Sewn President & CEO Karen Buscemi has had a fashion nonprofit, Detroit Garment Group, since 2012 that focuses on business education and economic development. It was because of all the inquiries her group received for manufacturing opportunities in the area - and the lack or resources that she found - that she launched Detroit Sewn, Inc. in August 2015.


-We are both WOSB and HUBZone certified.


-The first four years of our business were spent responding to the need for full-service cut and sew in Michigan. During that time we helped launch dozens of brands that we took from idea to full production that they were then able to sell to their customers - all made in the USA.


-In 2020, we pivoted to manufacturing PPE, and along with multiple partners, including two automotive suppliers, Detroit Sewn led the charge in keeping a large hospital system - with hospitals in 22 states - up and running with more than 500,000 reusable masks and 75,000 reusable isolation gowns.


-For eight weeks during the early months of the PPE crisis, Detroit Sewn created the Michigan Mask Donation Center, got its landlord to donate the space next door to the factory to hold the temporary Center, enlisted the help of Glamorous Moms Foundation to run it, and used all its media contacts to raise awareness. Thanks to the generous donations of pre-washed sewn masks from our local home sewers, we had enough inventory to give 7,050 masks to 390 community groups, families, individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations in Southeast Michigan.

Fabric cutting in process at Detroit Sewn
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For pre-production or production inquiries, including new estimates,
we ask that you please fill out the form on either the PPE or Non-PPE page.

Detroit Sewn, Inc.

67 N Saginaw St., Pontiac, MI 48342


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