It's time to make the products you want to sell

When you are ready to make multiple pieces that you will sell to your customers, that's called production. It's also known as cut and sew. This is where we lay out your fabric on our cutting table, make a marker (which is like a blueprint of all the pattern pieces we need in all the sizes we need so that we waste the least amount of fabric possible), cut the fabric, bundle the cut pieces and then sew them together.

We also call it the home stretch.

In order to go into production with apparel, home goods and other sewn products, you first have to have a pattern, an approved sample, size grading - if you are offering multiple sizes - and your fabric and notions, such as zippers, buttons, elastic, get the picture. If you need help with getting together all these parts, check out our page on pre-production.

If you are also using our dye sublimation or vinyl transfer services on your items we are producing for you, this is also the time that this part of the process is done. For more on dye sub and vinyl transfer, check out that page here.

And don't forget, if you need labels sewn onto your garments, hang tags, even a logo created so you can get labels and hang tags, we can design and order all of that for you as well. More about those services on our marketing & design page.

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