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Starting a New Chapter with an Old Favorite

On October 16, 2021, after weeks of planning, designing, editing and execution, we launched our first apparel product: the Cozy Unisex Hoodie. It only took six+ years to get here.

It was actually the PPE crisis that led us down this road. That was the first time we switched from prototyping and producing sewn goods for others and created our own. Out of necessity.

Now we are making hoodies out of necessity, too. Because container ships are stranded, delayed, floating for weeks and weeks with nowhere to go. Products are beyond delayed. Getting damaged. Causing serious issues.

This is hitting the blanks/decorating industries particularly hard. Orders for schools, teams, organizations, events are not being fulfilled.

And, let’s face it, isn’t it time to focus on finding U.S.sources?

Plus, thankfully, many consumers are seeking out and supporting U.S.brands.

So here we are, with our first product, selling to consumers, for corporate gifting, and for wholesale. We decorate, too, because a one-stop-shop adds convenience and saves time and money.

We are a U.S. solution with a minimal-waste model. The last thing we will do is add to the apparel landfill crisis.

We hope you will find value in our brand.

Reach out to me anytime at And check out the Cozy Unisex Hoodie at

-K Buscemi

Detroit Sewn

President & CEO


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