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A Love Letter From Detroit Sewn’s Summer Intern

Taryn Cullen is dressed for Detroit Sewn's end of summer party at the factory in Pontiac, Mich..

By Taryn Cullen

As I’m finishing up my internship at Detroit Sewn, I am given the opportunity to write anything I want about the company. So when I was asked the question, "What stands out to you the most about Detroit Sewn?" One word came to mind: Community.

To say that I was nervous on my first day is an understatement. I questioned my age, my lack of experience, my outfit, even if I had the right mask on. However the minute I walked through the door of my soon to be Saginaw Street home, I was greeted with smiles. The grins were diverse and included some faces that were younger than my own and some more vintage like my grandmother’s. Within the first hour I had learned everyone’s name and already felt like a part of the family.

Little did I know that I would look forward to seeing those smiles every Tuesday and Wednesday. I would look forward to Witt’s “good mornings'', I would look forward to Eliane’s outfit of the day (my favorite was when she matched her snakeskin mask to her shoes and blouse), I would look forward to QQ’s singing while she worked, and I would look forward to learning more each and every shift.

Although I love and appreciate everyone who was a part of this experience, there truly are three women that stand out (and who run the entire show behind our stuffed German Shepherd guarding the door). Leslie, Alicia, and Karen are the most powerful trio since Charlie’s Angels. They share intelligence, tenacity, and talent. “The Angels” filled a gap during Covid to provide for those in need just like when Karen filled a gap in the Detroit Fashion industry to create a full-service sewing factory. Truly remarkable.

To anyone who is like me and desires to study fashion, I highly recommend you reach out to local companies for experience. This opportunity has provided me with not only a new skill set but also a new family. Thank you to my DS family for an unforgettable summer, to Leslie for always checking up on me, to Alicia for making me laugh, and to Karen for EVERYTHING.

A Note From Detroit Sewn's President & CEO K Buscemi: While we don't normally have our interns write blog posts at the end of their internships, Taryn's focus was on fashion journalism/social media. In addition, I've found that students sometimes are too nervous to apply for the internships they really want, and I hope that any who fit that descriptions will benefit from reading Taryn's words, realizing they may share some of the same fears, but that the rewards will always outweigh any doubts or worries. Reach out for internships at places that inspire you. Never be afraid to learn and grow.


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