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We are makers. We are visionaries.
We are collaborators. We are illuminaries.
We are Detroit Sewn.


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Bob B.
Bloomfield Hills, MI

My hoodies are absolutely fabulous and are exactly what I was hoping for! Thank you so much for all your work on them.

Brian F.
Vancouver, WA

As someone who is new to managing my own brand, I knew I needed expert guidance. That said, I also brought a lot of my own skills to the table. Working directly with Karen allowed me to communicate what I needed and what I didn't, and she flawlessly adjusted her approach to meet my needs. She gave me multiple pieces of practical advice that I could act on immediately and helped me map out a plan for the future. As we met I didn't feel like I hired a consultant, I felt like I had temporarily added an expert to my team. Her impact on my project grew with each session we had, and I expect to be buying more consulting time in the future - for the time being I have too many things to work on from our initial sessions!



We can add custom labels to your products that we can set up for you and either sew or heat press onto your products. High-volume orders welcome!

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